Love Letters

Love letters. Two simple words that invoke completely different reactions from men and women. Women swoon at the sound of the words, men groan. How could it be that men and women are so different? A man may think that saying that he loves his girlfriend is good enough. A woman would say that is a great start and a love letter is a great way to express that love. Guys, you are in a bind! So, what are you to do? Well, I have a few ideas for you.

First of all, start slow. I mean really slow. Just leave your girlfriend a few short love notes. I am not talking about anything long and involved, but rather short and to the point. Write one or two sentences that are heartfelt and express your love for your girlfriend. You can write it in a card or on a small piece of paper. Now, really it that so hard?

Once you have your first love note for your girlfriend, leave it for her someplace that she will find it. Why not just hand her the note? Well, she will appreciate it more if it is a surprise. I know, I know, silly girl stuff. Just try it. You will thank me later.

If your girlfriend is totally unimpressed by your love note, you are probably thinking you are off the hook. Well, either you are the luckiest man on earth or your love note stunk. Would you like to know where I am putting my money?

More likely, your girlfriend was really touched that you took the time to surprise her with a nice heartfelt love note. You may have gotten a nice kiss out of the deal or maybe more (Don’t tell me, I don’t want to know). So now you have gotten some positive feedback and a little appreciation for taking a small step out of you comfort zone. So now you do know that you are going to have to do another one right? Right? Oh come on! It wasn’t that hard and it make her really happy. Yeah, you’re doing it again.

After writing a few love notes to your girlfriend, you become more comfortable expressing your love and affection for your girlfriend. She’s happy. Your happy. Everybody is happy. Well, except for her old boyfriend. Now see, that made you even happier, didn’t it.

So, do you think you can expand on your love notes a little bit? Maybe, just write two paragraphs. You can do that? Really? Well you have just written a short love letter.

Love notes and love letters can take a little time to write, but they will make your girlfriend very happy. And they are cheaper than roses. Wait a second. When is the last time you bought your girlfriend roses? Do you know how happy it would make if you brought her roses every once in a while...